Boxing betting is a great sport to watch, and it can be much more thrilling if you have placed a bet on the result of a major bout that you have carefully examined and researched.

If you believed that Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury were too well matched for there to be a clear favorite in their fight at the end of 2018, then you would have earned a decent profit betting on a draw. If you discover a solid deal and make a sufficient wager, backing Anthony Joshua when he fights an underdog opponent might still turn out to be a successful and risk-free bet for you.

If you are unfamiliar with boxing betting or just want a refresher on the common bets that can be placed on the sport, then you have come to the correct spot.


Boxing betting can be broken down into a wide variety of subcategories, and each of these subcategories offers gamblers who are well-versed in the sport its own unique set of possibilities.


In this scenario, the wager is placed on a certain competitor’s ability to triumph in a given bout. This is analogous to placing a bet on a team to win a football match before full-time or placing a wager on a horse to win a race before the finish line. If the challenger wasn’t given much of a chance to win and the odds were 6/1 for him to do so, and you bet £10 on him to win, and he surprised everyone by doing so, you would win £60 in addition to getting your money back. You may also receive odds for a draw if you’re betting on a battle.

Boxing Betting


It should come as no surprise that this refers to placing a wager on the fact that the battle will continue for the full five rounds and be completed. You may place a wager on either the yes or no option, and it is difficult to forecast the likelihood of this happening. In order to make an accurate prediction about whether or not a fight will go the distance, you will actually need to know a reasonable lot about the form and technique of each fighter. Keep an eye out for really reasonable costs associated with this possibility.


This is an intriguing opportunity to add a new dimension to the wager if you are certain that a particular fighter will emerge victorious. How does he or she plan to do this? Knockout through technical knockout, knockout via direct strike, or disqualification of the opponent? If you believe that you already know the answer, you may choose this option.


Do you have a crystal-clear picture in your head of how the battle is going to go? If the chances of winning seem to be on the low side for the win alone, you may additionally make a prediction about which round your pick will win in and put a bet on that outcome. The odds that you get for this kind of wager should be favorable.


A wagering option with a similar principle to the particular round bet that was just described, but with somewhat better odds and a little increased chance of success for the bettor. You may often support the boxer to win in the first three rounds, the next four rounds, the next seven rounds, or the next 12 rounds using this sort of wager.


You have the ability to make a prediction about whether or not a boxing betting fight will come to a conclusion before or after a certain number of rounds by participating in this kind of bet. Therefore, if you think the fight would run beyond 7.5 rounds and place some money on it, the bet will pay off as long as both combatants are still competing after one minute and thirty seconds of the eighth round.


When it comes to boxing betting and the important regulations that pertain to the results you are betting on, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

The following are the primary regulations that govern a professional boxing betting match:

• Each round lasts for three minutes, and there are nine to twelve rounds total.

• The referee is in charge of the fight and is responsible for ensuring the safety of both competitors while also monitoring their behavior. The referee keeps an eye out for any infractions, is in charge of counting out the contestants, and is the one who steps in to put a halt to the fight when one of the competitors has had too much to drink. When a fight is stopped, it is often because of severe bleeding, an inability to defend oneself, or being knocked down three times in one round.

• The boxer or his or her corner may also put an end to the fight by giving a signal to the referee between rounds or by throwing in the towel in the middle of a round. This is a corner retirement, which means that the fight is over due to a technical knockout.

• There are three judges who score the bout from ringside while maintaining a running count of the points. When determining the winner of a match, the judges take into consideration a number of different aspects, including the number of punches that are landed, the effectiveness of the defense, the number of knockdowns, whether or not a fighter is holding on or otherwise breaking the rules, and any additional

• The fight may be won or lost by knockout, disqualification, technical knockout (TKO or stoppage), or if it has gone the distance (the conclusion of the final round is reached without a winner), then the judges determine the result. • If the fight has gone the distance, then the judges pick the winner.

• Because there are three judges, the conclusion might be a victory for one of the competitors by way of a unanimous decision, which means that all three judges gave the same fighter the victory. There is also the possibility of a victory by majority decision, which occurs when two of the three judges name the same fighter as the victor while the third judge declares the bout to be a draw. A judge awards a victory by split decision to a competitor in a mixed martial arts match when two of the three judges choose that competitor as the victor while the third judge chooses the opponent as the victor.

• Draws in boxing betting are very uncommon, but they do take place when all three judges agree that the fight ended in a draw, or in the event of a split draw, where two judges award separate victors but the third judge scores the fight as a draw (this was the case for Fury vs Wilder in December 2018). There are also majority draws, which occur when two of the three judges agree that the bout is a draw, regardless of what the verdict of the third judge is.

When it comes to battles for titles, draws mean that the champion keeps their title(s), but the challenger often has a good case for an instant rematch. You should always examine the details of how your bookmaker interprets the results of boxing betting events, for example their regulations on tied contests or TKOs as they effect round boxing betting, by visiting the bookmaker’s website. This will ensure that you are not taken advantage of in any way.

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